Way Watchers

Originally created as a loose amalgamation of do-gooders under Ursandova’s first Marshall, the Way Watchers have since been reformed by Leilania to serve a more organized source of law, order, and information for the Kingdom.

Leilania’s Way Watchers are still encouraged to ‘do good’, but are now assigned specific patrols within the Kingdom to ensure that they do not stumble into unnecessary trouble. The Way Watchers are not allowed to journey outside the Greenbelt without Leilania’s explicit permission, and are not allowed to recruit others without her oversight.

Under the new system, the Way Watchers are split into three rankings: Masters, Journeymen, and Apprentices. Journeymen and Apprentices are typically paired together on their patrols, while Masters are responsible for monitoring and teaching the lower ranked Watchers.

There are currently only about two dozen Way Watchers in the Duchy, but under Leilania’s leadership, their ranks are quickly growing. Some Way Watchers may still be active outside the Duchy’s borders, but they do so without Leilania’s approval or sanction.

Way Watchers

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