Wanted Posters

Wanted: Bandits
(Printed in neat calligraphy on slightly weathered paper) Be it known that the Swordlords will pay a reward of 800 gold to any individual or group who captures or defeats 6 or more of the reprobate bandits currently active in the Greenbelt. Send word to Restov via Oleg, who will stand witness to your victories.

Wanted: Tatzlwyrm Head
(Handwritten in block letters on what looks like the back of a bill of sale.) 300 gold and 300 trade offered for a nice-looking tatzlwyrm head for display. See Oleg.

Wanted: Tuskgutter
(Scrawled but legible on a piece of scraped hide) Deliver me the hed of the demin bore Tuskguter what took my leg. I’ll give you my fine bow and magiked arrows and also sum hed cheese I plan to make frum the demin’s hed. -Vekkel

Wanted: Kobolds
(Handwritten in the same block letters as the Tatzlwyrm poster on a piece of formerly folded parchment.) The Sootscale Kobolds are normally not a problem, but something has them riled lately. The Swordlords are offering a reward of 800 gold to anyone who ensures that they are no longer a threat.

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Wanted Posters

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