Unexplored Rumors

(Sasha) – " The Nomen Heights have a large centaur population, which has long plagued the Swordlords. As a result, so the story goes, the Swordlords sent an honest-to-Gods Swordlord, along with a band of mercenaries into the area. The name I heard is Maegar Varn, who’s a low-ranking Swordlord but eager – traits we might recognize, eh?"

(Sasha) – " The charter for The Slough was, I imagine, never really available to just anyone. The East Sellen River is one of the most vital trade routes from the South. According to rumor, a large group of diplomats and experiences soldiers were sent to secure the southern trade roads."

(Variel) – “There is a hag known as the Swamp Witch, whom you know as the Old Beldame. She lives on the northeast shore of the Tuskwater. According to rumor, she consorts with demons and steals children to boil for stew in her magic cauldron.”

(Variel) – “Your fey ally, Tiressia, reports that the Dancing Lady’s Tower to the southwest of her grove should probably be avoided. The evil fey’s guardians are fierce and have riddled their home with traps for the unwary.”

(Variel) – “The old tower on the island of Candlemere marks a place where the boundary between this world and another is worn thin…it is rumored to be guarded by a deadly monster.”

(Variel) – “Perhaps once a generation, the Grim White Stag (no, not Lem) appears to defend a settlement faithful to Erastil in mortal danger. He once risked his life to draw off a spawn of Rovagug who threatened settled areas.”

(Anton) – “After we rested at the Old Beldame’s, I found in my pack this map. The location marked is not too far from her abode, but I know not what is marked, nor how the map found its way into my belongings.”

Rumor Mill

Unexplored Rumors

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