The charter company chose to build their capital on the remains of the infamous Stag Lord’s fort beside the Tuskwater. Since then, the Capital has seen the throne change hands twice and growth from a lakeside outpost to one of the mightier cities of northern Avistan.

LG Large City

Modifiers: Corruption +3, Crime +3, Law +6, Lore +4, Productivity +13, Society +4
Qualities: Government Capitol, Religious Tolerance, Royal Accommodations, Tourist Attraction
Danger: +10
Population: 24,250
Base Value: 15,000gp
Purchase Limit: 55,000gp
Spellcasting: 5th

Special: Purchase prices for luxury and magic items are 10% more than normal.


Castle District

  • Tuskendale Castle – A modest structure, it still gives the citizens a sense of pride and security.
  • The Chocolate Wench – Best bar you’ve ever been in (the sign says so), with an ever-changing drink menu. Run by the always-cheerful Kaydee Thistlewhip, also the Treasurer. Inessa Varga is here often but erratically in the evenings, running what passes for religious services. Mostly it just looks like spontaneous drinking parties.
  • Merryman Metals – The smithy is run by Hewit Merryman, who quickly established himself as the senior among the smiths who reside in the town.
  • The Mill
  • Tuskendale Municipal Graveyard
  • Elkhome – The town hall, where regular services to Erastil are held, in addition to regular meetings of the burgeoning merchant and craft guilds. In 4716, the populace demanded that the building be torn down and replaced, but were rebuffed by the Duke.
  • House of the Dawn – Tuskendale’s first temple sits on the shores of the Tuskwater, with an open courtyard that faces east to greet the dawn each morning. Dawnfather Dibran Tol oversees services here.
  • Tusk Harbor – A small set of piers next to the town’s mill. Fishermen who work the Tuskwater moor their boats here, though a small amount of river trade has begun to spring up in its immediate environs.
  • Remembrance Park – In the corner of the district is a Memorial commemorating the first two barons of Ursundova. The statue is surrounded by a large park with a variety of fragrant blooms growing throughout.
  • Watch Hall – The headquarters of the Ursundovan watch, this modest building sits just next to the local jail. It is the office for Warden Akiros Ismort. Tangsen Billowbreeze can often be found in the part of the building that locks on the outside.
  • Iron Hall – The capital’s military headquarters has fallen slightly in prestige since the General moved to Shrikewatch, but is still a prestigious posting for young squires, nonetheless.

Castle District Map

Cathedral District

  • Tuskendale Cathedral – Dominating the district and, along with the pennants of the castle, beginning to create a distinct skyline for the capital, the Cathedral at Tuskendale is the seat of the Ecclesiastical Council and the current home of Dawnfather Gideon Highgate. It is a multi-faith cathedral, with most of the trappings of one faith or another being stored until needed for services. Most of the major faiths of Ursundova are represented in its architecture.
  • Key Trust – Ursundova’s first bank is run by Petar Kochian, cleric of Abadar.
  • House of the Vault – Adjacent to the Key Trust is the Temple of Abadar. Easily one of the most popular local faiths with the well-to-do and well-bred.
  • The Bone Spiral Hall – The local temple to Pharasma is overseen by Davara Rade, one of a handful of clerics who have been present in the city since near its inception.
    • Pharasma’s Bone Garden – This graveyard has been set aside for worshippers of the Lady of Graves.
  • The Basking Cat – A holy brothel of Calistria, not everyone is pleased with its presence.
  • The Watch Wall – A fortification wall has begun from the edge of the Tuskwater, working its way around the Cathedral district. At present, no one is certain when it will be finished or even how far it will extend.

Cathedral District Map

Market District

  • The Tradewalk – Ursundova’s first open-air market and the hub of the trade that pours in from the Tuskwater.
  • Tuskendale Harbor – The Waterfront is the gateway for goods to flow in and out of Ursundova.
  • Tuskendale Stockyards – Enhancing the bounty of the local farms and magnifying the wealth of the capital, it still smells.
  • The Guild Hall – Its formal name is the “Great Hall of Crafts and Merchants.” The meeting house of Ursundova’s Trade Guilds has become one of the significant centers of power in the young nation.

Market District Map

Palace District

Embassy of Casmaron – Despite the opulence of the building, it often seems this building exists primarily to send out angry missives.

Townsfolk – Tuskendale

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