The Vanishing

The Conqueror sat only briefly on the Dragonscale Throne of the nation he forged, soon leaving his family to rule in his name. For two centuries, the Rogarvias held the Ruby Fortress and ruled from New Stetven. Under their guidance, the nation of Brevoy became a significant northern power. Yet even the greatest of dynasties do not last forever.

In the middle of winter in early 4699 AR, every member of House Rogarvia vanished without a trace. Rumors flew of palace coups and sinister plots, but it quickly became clear that what had happened was altogether stranger than a mere rebellion. There was no evidence of foul play or struggle within the palace or the family’s other holdings – the nobles were simply gone, leaving empty manors scattered across Brevoy.

A brief period of chaos and panic followed, but by the end of the year the Surtovas had made their move. Citing age-old ties with Choral’s line, they seized power. With all of Issia seeming to back the move, Rostland had little choice but to bend its knee to the new regent.

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The Vanishing

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