The Stolen Lands

The Stolen Lands have long resisted attempts at colonization. Wedged between the River Kingdoms and Brevoy, the approximately 35,000-square-mile swath of wilderness has a long history of being regarded as “stolen” – from and by whom depending on the point of view. In Brevoy, the lands are considered stolen from the nation’s southern expanse by bandits and barbarians variously from Numeria, Iobaria, or the River Kingdoms themselves. In the River Kingdoms, the general impression is that Brevoy allowed the lands to fall into the hands of monsters and worse in order to rob the lords of the River Kingdoms of more lands to rule. Even within the wilds, lands are stolen and conquered in constant struggles between bickering tribes of centaurs, barbarians, kobolds, fey, trolls, bandits, lizardfolk, boggards, and more.

Spurred into action in part by an increase in aggression among the bandits and barbarians and by building political tensions, the Swordlords have sent four groups of agents into the disputed region to explore and – perhaps – conquer.


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The Stolen Lands

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