The Stag Lord's Fort

According to Eoghan Gleannfia, it is located at the northern end of the Tuskwater. He described about a dozen inhabitants, the undead fields surrounding the fort, and the command structure.

The command consists of the Stag Lord himself, who is apparently willing to break skulls over booze, Dovin D’Nisrik, former 2nd-in-command who is “smart, but cruel,” Ox, who is nowhere near smart but also cruel and, reportedly, very large, and Akiros Ismort, a newcomer who seems to be taking over the 2nd’s duties from Dovin – he is reported to be a quiet man but a ferocious combatant.

Other than that, Eoghan stated there were about 7 other thug-types at the fort(Ishal Megison, Dirty Jeb Megison, Craggar Kench, Fulgrim Sneeg, Fat Norry, Topper Red, and Dex the Snitch), plus a magicky-thing in the basement, and the pet Owlbear, Beaky.

Any approach to the Fort other than the single road bears the risk of an undead uprising. They come out of the ground, clawing at those who pass over.

The Stag Lord's Fort

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