The town of Tatzlford was originally founded by Loy and Leticia Rezbin. Since that time, it has become the headquarters of Ursundova’s frontier patrol force, the Way Watchers, and their commander, Leilania Syphaisoma.
h6. CG Large Town

Modifiers: Corruption +2, Crime +2, Law +1, Lore +2, Productivity +4, Society +3
Qualities: Counterculture Movement, Morally Permissive, Therapeutic
Danger: +5
Population: 6,500
Base Value: 3,000gp
Purchase Limit: 10,000gp
Spellcasting: Arcane 5th, Divine 4th

Special: Heal checks made within Tatzlford’s borders add the town’s Lore modifier.

Way Watcher Garrison – Reported home of the best job in the world. Tends to resemble a cross between a garrison and an inn, with comings and goings at all hours.
Tatzlford Preserve – Created as a hospital and retreat for the beasts of the Narlmarches, this stretch of land is replete with all manner of wild animals.

Townsfolk – Tatzlford

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