Government: Mayor (Esmet Silkenlock) and Druidic Oligarchy (the Oakstewards)
Capital: Sevenarches (pop. 4,340)
Exports: grains, fruits, honey, livestock, leather

The capital of this region is a jumble of inhabited elven ruins and newer human architecture, covered everywhere with vegetation. Even the “streets” are often covered in thick ivy. The Sellen comes within a mile of the small city, making it a good place for travelers to stop and restock. In the center of town are the eponymous Seven Arches, made of stone that subtly shifts color, reputed as the passage the elves used to reach the First World.

It is something of an exotic locale,very peaceful and beautiful, with low crime. Adventurers report that outsiders are treated with no small measure of suspicion, especially elves.

Mayor Silkenlock handles day-to-day affairs in Sevenarches. The residents rarely see any of the Oakstewards, but when they do appear it is understood that obedience is mandatory and questioning is unthinkable – no matter what is demanded.


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