Session Two

The party began the session at Fort Oleg, where several characters spent the morning chatting folks up: Lem talked to Kesten and his men, eventually challenging one of them to an archery duel, bow versus crossbow. Money was laid on both sides and Lem won the contest, though Kesten’s archer, Rurik, nearly caught up at the end. Katya spoke to Jhod Kavken, cleric of Erastil, and learned the story of a lost temple in the woods. Following these events, the party set out for further Hexploration.

The party traveled to Hex 6, an unoccupied hex on the plains. Next was Hex 7, where we discovered a mud-spitting tree that amused Dyimi to no end. We also found a vast number of Bear Traps lain all around. Dyimi managed to guide Gar around the trap, but Sasha rode his horse straight into one, badly injuring it. Katya healed the horse and the party pressed on. In Hex 8, we discovered a dead man beneath a fallen tree, whom we would later learn was named Breeg Orlivanch. We cleared the fallen trees and gathered more bear traps. That night, Katya found her sleeping bag full of mushrooms and Sasha’s sword was covered in honey. At one point, the party attempted bribing the fey with Katya’s silver earrings, but gave up on that after an hour of waiting.

Hex 9 led us to the Skunk River, named for its sulfurous smell. We encountered and engaged two giant frogs, dispatching them readily.

Hex 10 led us to the Temple of the Elk, a corrupted temple to Erastil. We were attacked by the only local creature, a bear. The party fought and downed the bear, with Katya dispatching it after praying for guidance from Erastil. Upon doing so, the curse was lifted and the area became clear and verdant. It also proved to be a location blessedly free of fey pranks.

Hex 11 proved to be woods without encounter.

We returned to Oleg’s to share stories and sell some goods. We sent Dyimi to do the bartering and ended up dividing the spoils between cash and credit at Oleg’s. When Katya informed Jhod that we had found and cleansed the temple, he asked to be taken to it in order to clean it and return it to use, to which Katya agreed. Sasha persuaded Kesten to seek a volunteer to accompany Jhod and the party took Jhod and Makar Polov back to the Temple.

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Session Two

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