Session One

The company arrived at the trading post, henceforth designated as “Fort Oleg,” in the late morning. Oleg and Svetlana presumed that the company was there as aid sent by Restov to deal with bandit raids. After clarifying the situation, the company agreed to provide aid against the bandits. They learned that the bandits were mostly thugs; however, they included leaders like an evil woman, who seemed smarter than the others. In discussion, Svetlana asked Katya if she could find some moonradishes in order to make Oleg’s favorite stew. Oleg and Sasha spoke, and Oleg asked Sasha if he would look for Svetlana’s wedding ring, which the bandits had stolen. Sasha swore an oath that he would find it.

Oleg and Svetlana said that the bandits would likely return tomorrow to demand another payment, one that they could not afford. The party organized a defense of the Fort: Lem and Katya would take to the upper walkway while Dyimi and Sasha engaged in melee with the bandits.

The Bandits arrived the next morning under the command of Happs Bydon. The party executed their plan and, while it was a near thing, they achieved victory. Happs was killed in the fighting and two of the bandits were hung from the outer wall of the fort. One was released with neither weapons nor armor. The party looted the raiding party and traded some to Oleg. They resolved to set out the next day to begin exploring the region and attempt to find the bandits’ lair.

Oleg’s was designated as Hex 1, though it also represents the southernmost point of Brevoy.

Hex 2 took us into the woods. We came across a large collection of moonradishes as well as their collectors: a band of kobolds. Dyimi wanted to immediately assault them, but Sasha and Katya parlayed, attempting unsuccessfully to get some of the moonradishes. We did learn that the Kobold tribe is laboring under a “curse” that involves a statue of some sort. Sasha offered to help but the kobolds replied with distrust of tall-folk.

Hex 3 took us deeper into the woods and introduced us to the fey, who treated us to their favorite pastime: pranking. Dyimi ended up with a helmet full of sap. We also encountered the bandit camp. We engaged the bandits and defeated them, though we had to pursue their leader, Kressle, through the woods for a while. Sasha interrogated the bandits, releasing one who provided information on the stag-head pendants the party had been noting. When it became clear that Sasha intended to hang the bandits, Kressle attacked bare-handed and was killed. The remaining two bandits were hung.

Hex 4 was unoccupied hill country and Hex 5 unoccupied plains. The party returned to Oleg’s to discover that more people had arrived. A warrior from Restov named Keston Garess had arrived with swordsmen to act as security for the trading post. A cleric of Erastil named Jhod Kavken had also arrived for purposes that would become clear in the next session.

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Session One

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