Sarenrae is a kind and loving goddess, a caring mother, and a sister to all in need. She was also the Archangel who struck down Rovagug, the Rough Beast and God of Ultimate Destruction. While she brushes off insults and deflects attacks, patiently trying to convince those who she perceives her as an enemy that their belief is false, she is no victim. Once it is clear that her words and power are wasted on those who refuse to listen and believe, she responds to violence in kind with swift steel and burning light.

The Dawnflower is the patron of the sun, redemption, honesty, and healing. Her holy symbol is that of an angel with upswept wings forming a stylized ankh.

The church maintains a loose hierarchy that largely stops at the church level. Priests are allowed to travel between churches freely – a legacy of the faith’s early popularity among nomadic Kelish tribes. Individual temples are organized much like a family, with parental and sibling-like interactions between various groups. The head of a particular temple is called Dawnfather or Dawnmother, and is usually an older person skilled at healing and diplomacy; members of the temple are expected to follow the decisions of the leader, though normally he or she encourages input from junior members before a decision is made.

Sarenrae is the patron goddess of Summer, and the month of Sarenrith is named for her. The church has two universal holidays:

  • Burning Blades This takes place on Sarenrith 10th, although technically it is the apex of a summer-long holiday in the Dawnflower’s name.
  • Sunwrought Festival Celebrated on the Summer Solstice, this holiday honors the longest day of the year as the day when Sarenrae pays extra attention to the people in the mortal world.


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