Although worship of Erastil is not uncommon in far-flung rural areas and cults of Lamashtu have a tenacious ability to endure all manner of cleansing crusade, the following three religions have the greatest influence over life in Brevoy:

River Kingdoms

Many strange cults thrive in the motley regions of the Kingdoms, some of which even have priesthoods of limited power. Other than that, the god who holds sway varies by area. An incomplete list includes:


Erastil is powerful in this region and the Baroness has only added to that. However, with her husband the Baron a priest of Abadar, and the High Priest serving Sarenrae, the nation hardly has one unifying faith. Since the creation of the Ecclesiastical Council, and bearing in mind that the two previous barons were servants of Iomedae, the new nation has diverse worship.

Any faith that has a large congregation probably also has a representative in the Ecclesiastical Council.

Complete Holy Day List for all deities with large followings in Ursundova.

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