Government: Autocracy, Lord Custruccio Irovetti
Capital: Pitax (pop.8,790)
Exports: wine, cider, ale, fruit, musical instruments
Imports: metal, stone

Pitax began as a simple fishing village. It became a haven for the mercenary forces of the Brevoyan bandit Silver Fox, and was transformed by the money he brought in. Eventually, many of the bandits settled there, building the town into a small state.

Like the rest of the River Kingdoms, it is not a peaceful place, often warring with Mivon to the south or squabbling with Numeria to the north, while internal factions are at each other’s throats. In addition, Brevoy continues to threaten the nation, although they have never yet attacked. The reason for this lies between the two: Pitaxians are forever eying the fertile Stolen Lands, and Brevoy does everything they can to intimidate the smaller country out of even trying.

Lord Irovetti, rumored to have won his lordship in a game of cards, is the only thing presently standing between Pitax and dissolution. The former Numerian is a canny leader whose machinations pit his enemies against one another, and he sizes people up with the shrewd eye of a bard. It is his bardic background that is, at least in part, likely the reason for the foundation of the Academy of Grand Arts, a bardic school meant to elevate Pitax to the position of respected cultural center. Thus far, Irovetti’s strict control of the expressive liberty of the students and artists means that it is not nearly as popular a place as he would like.

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