Oleg's Trading Post

Located at the southern edge of Brevoy, just a few miles north of the Narlmarches. It’s a logical stop for a group headed into the Greenbelt. Map oleg trading post plus

  1. Market Yard: This open area is where trade takes place. The two tables near the fire pit are used to display wares and serve food to visitors, while bulky trade goods are offloaded in the storage pen.
  2. Guesthouse: Oleg rents out the beds in this guesthouse to anyone who wishes to stay the night at a rate of 5sp a bed per night. Breakfast and dinner included.
  3. Stable: Oleg keeps his jittery horse Claptrap here. He rents out the other stalls to visitors’ steeds at a rate of 2sp per stall per night. A day’s worth of water and feed and a rubdown included.
  4. Storage Pen: This fenced area has a wooden roof to keep off most of the rain and snow. Trade goods like furs and other goods are stored here until enough build up to warrant a trip to the city.
  5. Middens: Three 3-foot deep composting pits and middens.
  6. Main Hall: This squat, solid wooden building is the couple’s home and also storage. The double doors leading out into the market yard can be barred but not locked.
  7. Dining Room: This is a comfortable room with a few chairs and a table.
  8. Office: This is where Oleg keeps his ledgers and meets with important visitors – in theory. As of yet, no one of importance has visited.
  9. Stockroom: This room is used to store the trade stock.
  10. Storeroom: This room contains two barrels of drinking water, a half-barrel of lantern oil, three common lamps, twelve candles, a week’s worth of firewood, a hooded lantern, 70ft of hemp rope, a tent, and two weeks of food (cheese, hard bread, and dried venison). It has a padlock, but not one of high quality. This is also where Oleg offered to store party goods for the moment.
  11. Bedroom: This is where the Levetons sleep.
  12. Tents: Kesten Garess and his men have set up here for now. Svetlana insists that they sleep in the guesthouse when it’s not in use, though.

The party currently has a credit with Oleg’s Trading Post of 400 gp, 5 sp

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Oleg's Trading Post

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