Government: Meritocracy, Mayor Raston Selline
Capital: Mivon (pop. 10,870)
Exports: eels, fish, peat, lumber, Aldori-trained mercenaries

Home to the “Brevoy Birds” – the Aldori families that left their homes rather than fight Choral the Conqueror. In the 200 years since, they have turned the River Kingdom of Mivon into a place where one’s fortunes rise and fall based on the outcome of duels. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 60 may duel and the rules are fairly straightforward. Governmental positions are won through duels, although only Aldori are allowed in these competitions.

Mivon has no unified army. Each Aldori House fields its own militia, swearing fealty to their lords rather than to the state. Houses compete over the right to provide security and what ought to be peaceful transfers of such duties sometimes end in blood.

One very notable site in Mivon is the Feasting Hall of Cayden Cailean. Every few years – but in no particular pattern – the standing stones on a hill in the southeast expand and morph into the walls and roof of a grand feast hall. Anyone who comes to that hill on that night may enter the hall and spend the night in revelry. When the stones return to normal at dawn, the hill reeks of wine and ale.

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