Memorial Statue

A marble plinth, ten feet square, sits where it can be plainly seen from the Tuskwater. Atop the plinth are two bronze statues, both facing the lake. One is a human, standing straight at about ten feet tall. His outstretched arm bears a longsword that points out into the water. Beside him is a smaller figure whose race is harder to determine for his full suit of armor; however, the wide-brimmed hat and magnificent plumage suggest a figure of some audacity. He is mounted on a mountain of shaggy bronze fur. The dog is reared back, its front paws lifted as though it is prepared to leap into the lake at any moment.

On opposite sides of the plinth is a pair of bronze plaques. One of them reads:

“Aleksandr Rastilov, 1st Baron of Ursundova.”
“For the Lady. For the Land.”

On the other side, the plaque is marked:

“Dyimi Vlastikovich, 2nd Baron of Ursundova"
“Boarslayer, Thunderbolt of Ursundova, and Bearer of the Hat of State”
“For Home. For Head Cheese.”

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Memorial Statue

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