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The whole point of Kingmaker is to make yourselves kings. Here are some of the rules involved in that.

Kingdom sheet


  • A Name: While you could theoretically call your kingdom That Place Over There Between The Real Countries, it won’t look very good on the stationary.
  • Alignment: This will affect your stats but, barring a huge party shift, is probably a foregone conclusion at this point.
  • Capital: The location of your capital/starting town could prove important. You also determine the make-up of each city.
  • Other Towns/Cities: Eventually you will have the resources to build more.
  • Your Government: There are 11 roles. Each PC fills one. The rest are appointed by the party. Each post adds an ability modifier from the character to a stat modifier for the kingdom (i.e. The Royal Assassin adds either his Strength or Dexterity modifier to the kingdom’s Loyalty).
    • The Ruler is the primary leader of the realm, who will eventually become king or queen when your holdings reach an appropriate size. This is the only post that may be held jointly, by a married couple. Kingmaker presumes a stereotypical kingdom. Any objections to that are to be carried out in character.
    • The Councilor ensures that the will of the citizenry is represented.
    • The General commands the kingdom’s armies and is a public hero.
    • The Grand Diplomat oversees international relations.
    • The High Priest(ess) guides the religious needs of the nation.
    • The Magister guides a kingdom’s higher learning and magic.
    • The Marshall helps organize patrols and enforces justice in rural and wilderness regions.
    • The Royal Assassin/Headsman takes care of problems in a permanent fashion at the ruler’s behest.
    • The Spymaster observes the underworld and criminal elements in addition to providing information on the activities of other kingdoms.
    • The Treasurer organizes tax collection and manages the treasury.
    • The Warden leads the capital’s defense and city guards.

Each of the above positions carries a benefit and a vacancy penalty (save the Royal Assassin, which may remain vacant). The intention is that you recruit NPCs you encounter to each task not filled by the party. (I am not going to give you the stats of the NPCs you choose until it’s time to fill in the Kingdom Sheet. Choose wisely. Someone highly unsuited to a position cannot be replaced until the next Improvement Phase.)

These are the mechanical choices, of course. Feel free to add flavor with banners, a flag, a national anthem, military uniforms, what-have-you. Along those lines, any of the above titles can be changed if the party agrees.

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