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Only females are allowed into the Angry Hag’s priesthood. Suspicious folk in the River Kingdoms fear old women, prostitutes, adulterous wives, and midwives, often suspecting them of being Gyronna’s devotees. (Midwives are especially distrusted, as Gyronna’s priests have been known to swap newborns for demon-tainted creatures they have birthed themselves.) The priestesses poison friendships and alliances with doubt and anger. “He’s turned a hag’s eye on me” is local slang for a betrayed trust or broken friendship. Clerics of Gyronna routinely demand coin from passerby – begging is not the right word for it – and harass travelers with curses and verbal abuse. Most Riverfolk are willing to just toss them a couple of coppers in order to be allowed to move on in peace.

There are no temples to Gyronna. Followers leave offerings at small shrines composed of a pile of rocks topped by spherical stone with an eye carved into or painted on it. Folk whisper that the goddess can see through such eye stones and that she curses anyone she sees daring to defile her shrines.

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