Explored Rumors

(Sasha) – “We’ve all seen the silver amulets that some of the bandits have worn. Rumor is that this marks those bandits as belonging to some manner of debased cult to an animal demon. I don’t know how much stock I put in that: the Stag Lord seems to have these bandits all afraid of him and terrifying men can be perceived as demons readily enough.”

(Sasha) – “There is more going on with the kobolds than meets the eye. According to rumor, three kobold tribes have been wiped out in the last several years. Rumors blame infighting, which is possible, but seems rather incredible even for Kobolds.”

(Variel) – "A ferocious worg used to stalk the Kamelands. Called “The Howl of the North Wind,” he’d been eating bandits and hunters for years. The light of Erastil transmogrified him into the “Barbecue of the North Wind.”

Rumor Mill

Explored Rumors

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