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Erastil is a nature deity, but not of the wild. His focus is on communities that rely on nature, such as farmers and hunters. Tradition and family are pillars of the faith, so much so that some might call him stodgy. Marriage is a way to reign in the unruly, male and female alike. All are encouraged to settle down early and start making families.

Female priests are a bit of an oddity in his church, primarily because women are encouraged to take up support roles in his teachings. Strong-willed women are seen as slightly defective; women should defer to men and focus their energies on raising a family rather than trying to run things. A few of the more free-spirited churches go so far as to call Erastil misogynist, and Gyronna particularly hates him.

Most priests take on a small community, blessing farms or livestock, matchmaking, and providing counseling (particularly for marriages). Erastil’s churches are practical structures, often multipurpose for the town, and are sparsely adorned.

Erastil does not sponsor many festivals, as he sees such things as impractical wastes of time. On 3 Erastus (the month named for him) he does have Archerfeast. Celebrated with archery and other contests of ranged skill, it is also a traditional day for men to propose marriage.
(Women are discouraged from proposing, although if doing so ropes the town rake and gets him settled, most will not chastise her.)

Old Deadeye’s text is the Parables of Erastil, an almanac as well as a collection of myths. The stories within are not of grand adventures, as that might encourage people to go wandering off in search of the same. Rather, they are humble tales that remind people to respect nature and family. Content varies from place to place, appropriate to the needs of the area.

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