Elkhorn is the site of the earliest discoveries of the company chartered to explore the Greenbelt. For much of Ursundova’s early life, the ancient temple to Erastil was the only structure here. It has grown slightly since then and has become a religious destination for the worshippers of Old Deadeye.

LG Small Town

Modifiers: Corruption -2, Crime 0, Law 1, Lore 2, Productivity 2, Society 1
Qualities: Holy Site, Pious
Danger: 0
Population: 2,500
Base Value: 500
Purchase Limit: 5,000gp
Spellcasting: 5th

Special: Any faith more than one alignment step different than the community’s official religion is at best unwelcome and at worst outlawed-—obvious worshipers of an outlawed deity must pay 150% of the normal price for goods and services and may face mockery, insult, or even violence.

Temple of the Elk – One of the most holy sites in Ursundova. In addition to the religious work being done here, there is some research into the history of the area, and the temple’s accursed former occupant.
The Stag’s Rest – The local inn seems like it wouldn’t do tremendous business, but it stays afloat thanks to those visiting the ill and wounded at the hospital, and a steady stream of pilgrims.
The Hunter’s Healing Hall – This hospital provides some of the finest healing and therapy to be found in the lands around the River Kingdoms, so long as one is a worshipper of Old Deadeye.
Saint Obadiah’s Farm – While most religious organizations would call this secluded hall a monastery, the monks of Erastil work the land diligently, providing much of the food for the town.

Townsfolk – Elkhorn

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