Ecclesiastical Council

“We, who stand between Gods and Men, who pray that Men will be good and Gods will be merciful, who are the teachers, healers, counselors, and defenders of our gods’ people, do pray now for their blessings on this Ecclesiastical Council. May it be the lantern of truth that illuminates the way for all who would walk it. So Say We All.”

The Servants of the Gods

The Ecclesiastical Council was first proposed in the early days of the founding of Ursundova. It began to come together as a body under the guidance of Dawnfather Gideon Highgate, following his appointment as High Priest. The Council has three main purposes The first purpose of the Council is for the various faiths of Ursundova to seek opportunities to support and assist one another. The second is to coordinate the support of the spiritual community to the Barony. The third is to provide a peaceful forum for the discussion of religious differences (or even personal differences that may arise between devout worshipers of different faiths).

The Council meets officially once per month at Tuskendale Cathedral. The Council makes use of a bard’s table for the meeting: a large circular table with a small gap in one side and an open space in the middle. This allows a speaker to address all members of the council and clearly identifies who has the floor at any given moment. There is only one assigned seat: The High Priest of Ursundova sits opposite the gap in the table, allowing him or her to introduce the speaker.

The Council Membership

The Ecclesiastical Council currently recognizes the following persons as members:

As other clerics arrive in the city, the Hierarch encourages each of them to petition for membership.

Ecclesiastical Council

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