Duchy of Ursundova

Founded on the 27th of Gozren, 4711, Ursundova currently occupies a small parcel of land in the Greenbelt within the Stolen Lands. It exists at the behest of and with minimal support from the Swordlords.






National Holidays

  • 5 Pharast – Day of Bones (Pharasma)
  • 27 Pharast – Founder’s Day
  • 10 Sarenith – Burning Blades (Sarenrae)
  • 3 Erastis – Archer’s Day (Erastil)
  • Vernal Equinox – Planting Week (Erastil)
  • Summer Solstice – Sunwrought Festival (Sarenrae)


  • Boar: platinum coin, the Baron’s profile on one side, a boar statant on the other
  • Stag: gold coin, the Baroness’s profile on one side, a stag trippant on the other
  • Bear: silver coin, a tree on one side, a bear salient on the other
  • Wyrm: copper coin, a river under a sword on one side, a taztlwyrm on the other


Ducal Table of Leading Social and Economic Indicators

Duchy of Ursundova

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