Duchy of Ursundova

Founded on the 27th of Gozren, 4711, Ursundova originally existed at the behest of and with minimal support from the Swordlords. It now occupies territory from the Tors of Levenies to west of Hooktongue Slough. Only six years old and, as a result, still considered little more than an ambitious River Kingdom, the realm has already eclipsed most territories with that name in terms of size and wealth.






National Holidays

  • 5 Pharast – Day of Bones (Pharasma)
  • 27 Pharast – Founder’s Day
  • 10 Sarenith – Burning Blades (Sarenrae)
  • 3 Erastis – Archer’s Day (Erastil)
  • Vernal Equinox – Planting Week (Erastil)
  • Summer Solstice – Sunwrought Festival (Sarenrae)


  • Boar: platinum coin, the King’s profile on one side, a boar statant on the other
  • Stag: gold coin, the Queen’s profile on one side, a stag trippant on the other
  • Bear: silver coin, a tree on one side, a bear salient on the other
  • Wyrm: copper coin, a river under a sword on one side, a taztlwyrm on the other

Duchy of Ursundova

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