• Gozren 4711
    • A party of explorers is given a charter to found a new nation in the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands. They are comprised of Aleksandr Rastilov, Katarina Rastilov, Lem Berrybrook, and Dyimi Vlastokovich.
  • Desnus 4711
    • The city of Tuskendale is founded on the shores of the Tuskwater in the Stolen Lands.
  • Arodus 4711
    • Scandalous rumors erupt about the virtue of High Priestess Katarina Rastilov.
  • Lamashan 4711
    • A virulent plague breaks out in the young nation and is only put down through the dedicated efforts of the Baron and the local clerics.
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  • Pharast 4712
    • Tuskendale Castle is completed near the shores of the Tuskwater. Baron Rastilov reveals his original identity as Rhaegar Stormcrow, former Hellknight from Korvosa.
  • Gozren 4712
    • Baron Rastilov perishes in an unfortunate fungus-related incident. Dyimi Vlastokovich is anointed as the new Baron of Ursundova.
    • The demagogue and malcontent known as Grigori arrives in Tuskendale and begins efforts to undermine the government. He is eventually turned away when he is rhetorically thrashed by Baron Vlastokovich. He is never heard from again.
    • Variel Nellmyr is appointed the new treasurer for the Barony. Jacek Lodovka is appointed as the Warden of Ursundova. Kesten Garess is transferred to command of the Army.
  • Desnus 4712
    • The Disaster at Shrike Hill: While driving a band of trolls from a former dwarven redoubt, Baron Vlastokovich, Variel Nellmyr, and Anton Dubcek are slain. The resulting upheaval throws the nation of Ursundova into anarchy.
  • Lamashan 4712
    • Order is restored to the realm of Ursundova by the marriage of Jacek Lodovka and Katarina Rastilov, who take the thrones as Baron and Baroness.
    • Akiros Ismort is appointed Warden of Ursundova. Ulgar Ironbeard is appointed as General of Ursundova. Daargan Vul is appointed Magister of Ursundova. Kaydee Thistlewhip is transferred to Treasurer. Gideon Highgate is appointed as High Priest of Ursundova. Lem Berrybrook is named as Champion of Ursundova and Leilania Syphaisoma is appointed as Marshall in his place.
  • Neth 4712
    • A cult of Gyronna takes root in Ursundova. A party consisting of government officers routs the young women and captures their priestess. The priestess is executed and the girls are exiled from the realm.
  • Kuthona 4712
    • King Sketmit of the Lizardfolk settlement to the south of Tuskendale pledges his people’s fidelity to the Baron and Baroness.
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  • Calistril 4713
    • A trade boom swells the coffers of Ursundova.
  • Sarenith 4713
    • The first national elections are held in Ursundova, seating the first 15 members of the Baronial Council. Neddar Thistlewhip, Councilor for Tuskendale, is elected Speaker of the Council.
    • The Chocolate Wench gets a permanent home in the Castle District of Tuskendale.
    • Isadora, Oracle of Shelyn, is appointed as the realm’s Grand Diplomat following Neddar Thistlewhip’s resignation to run for office.
    • Gideon Highgate marries the Lady Marcellina Lebeda.
  • Arodus 4713
    • Bandit Raids are repelled by the Way Watchers and Ursundovan Watch.
  • Rova 4713
    • Magister Daargan Vul returns from a successful diplomatic trip to Absalom.
    • The Basking Cat, home to several Sacred Prostitutes of Calistria, is opened in Tuskendale.
  • Lamashan 4713
    • The Bank of Ursundova is established in Tuskendale.
  • Neth 4713
    • The realm breaks ground on Tuskendale Cathedral, headquarters of the Ecclesiastical Council.
    • Tusk Harbor is opened on the shores of Tuskendale.
    • Bandit Raids are repelled by the Way Watchers and Ursundovan Watch.
  • Kuthona 4713
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  • Abadius 4714
    • As part of the New Year ceremonies, Jacek and Katarina Lodovka announce that, based on consultations with legal scholars, they are declaring Ursundova to be a Duchy, and the rulers to be the Duke and Duchess of Ursundova.
    • A scandal erupts when sinister allegations about the relationship between Magister Daargan Vul and his youngest magical apprentices arise.
  • Calistril 4714
    • Iron Hall, headquarters of the Ursundovan military, is constructed in the Castle District of Tuskendale.
  • Pharast 4714
    • The realm claims the island of Candlemere.
  • Gozren 4714
    • King-Regent Noleski Surtova of Brevoy conducts a state visit to Ursundova.
  • Desnus 4714
    • Bandit Raids are repelled by the Way Watchers and Ursundovan Watch.
  • Sarenith 4714
    • The second annual elections are held, increasing the size of the Ducal Council to 25 members.
  • Erastus 4714
    • The Way Watchers establish their national headquarters in the town of Tatzlford.
  • Arodus 4714
    • The town of Tatzlford opens its first Wildlife refuge, allowing the people of Tatzlford to care for the animals of the Narlmarches and develop better relations with the denizens of the wild.
    • A spell caster’s tower atop the eldritch ruins marks the beginning of the town of Candlemere.
  • Lamashan 4714
    • Tuskendale Cathedral is completed and the Ecclesiastical Council moves its personnel and offices out of Tuskendale Castle to take up residence in the new cathedral.
    • The Office of the Ursundova Watch is opened in the Castle District of Tuskendale.
  • Neth 4714
    • Ground is broken on a magical academy in the town of Candlemere.
    • A memorial to the former rulers of Ursundova is opened in the city of Tuskendale.
  • Kuthona 4714
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  • Gozran 4715
    • Several officers of state set out on an ill-fated expedition to discover the fate of the settlement at Varnhold, to Ursundova’s East. Tracking the missing villagers to a grim location known as the Valley of the Dead, the company met with disaster. Magister Daargan Vul and High Priest Gideon Highgate perish in the depths of a dark tomb and the rest of the company flees to regroup.
    • The Town of Shrikewatch is founded on the shores of the Shrike River. Dwarves from all over Ursundova begin migrating to the mostly-underground city.
  • Desnus 4715
    • Drawing reinforcements, a new expedition sets out from Ursundova, puts down the lich, Vordakai, and liberates the populace of Varnhold. The Varnlings declare the creation of The Casmaron Republic, a vassal state to Ursundova.
  • Arodus 4715
    • Settlers build a sawmill at Tuskenford and proclaim themselves independent from Ursundova. The government will reach an accord with them and absorb the territory into the realm in Rova, one month later.
  • Lamashan 4715
    • Shrikewatch Military Academy 0pens. A group of state officials, in a geologic accident, discover a teleportation gate to an ancient and abandoned dwarven hold.
    • Candlemere Magical Academy opens.
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  • Abadius 4716
    • Shrikewatch experiences a booming economy and surprising growth.
  • Calistril 4716
    • Ground is broken on the Tuskendale Waterfront.
  • Gozran 4716
    • The Horror Under Candlemere. A Sinkhole is discovered on the island of Candlemere that leads to a prison for a horror out of space and time, a shoggoth. A state-sponsored company of adventurers investigates and discovers a doorway to the past, when eldritch terrors occupied the island. In the process, they rescue Magister Lord Minister Kifu. A watch over the hole is established while research is begun into how to deal with the problem in a permanent manner.
  • Lamashan 4716
    • The town of Tatzlford is assaulted by a Zmey, seeking to breed with a woman with a destined birthmark. A party consisting of state officials uncovers the Zmey’s plot and dispatches it. Corollary to that, the bandit group of Dovan D’Nisroch is discovered. The bandits make good their escape, but Dovan himself is killed when he betrays his word on parley.
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  • Calistril 4717
    • Ground is broken on the Palace District of Tuskendale, as well as a new Palace.
  • Sarenith 4717
    • Tiger Lord Barbarians from the Hooktongue area, alongside trolls and mercenaries, assault Tatzlford. They are thrown back by the town’s defenders, but investigation reveals that they are a part of a larger plan of raiding. Baron Drelev of the Slough Charter has apparently been suborned or dominated by the Tiger Lords. Ursundova resolves to investigate and, if necessary, dispatch the Tiger Lords.
    • The Champion’s Company rousts Baron Drelev and his co-conspirators, seizing control of Fort Drelev and deposing the Baron and his family.
    • The Champion’s Company investigates the rumored Tomb of Armag, but is driven back by the Tomb’s otherworldly guardians. Sir Herodes Lazarou and Gaeren Stormcrow are killed in the exchange.
  • Arodus 4717
    • Jacek Lodovka leads an expedition back to Armag’s Tomb, where the would-be reincarnation of the ancient Barbarian champion is thrown down decisively. Lem Berrybrook is reported to have passed the God of War’s Test of Faith.
  • Rova 4717
    • The Casmaron Republic is disbanded and the lands become a full part of Ursundova
  • Lamashan 4717
    • Fort Drelev is formally annexed by Ursundova and renamed “New Light.”
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  • Abadius 4718
    • Tuskendale opens Fort Misery on one end of the Slough Road
    • The Castle at Talon Peak is completed

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  • Sarenith 4719
    • The Kingdom of Ursundova wins the annual Rushlight Tournament in Pitax.
    • Amidst rumblings of war, King Jacek leads a strike force into Pitax to deal with King Irovetti, slaying the River King and his commanders in a decapitation strike that stops the War of the River Kings before it ever truly began.
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