Cayden Cailean

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The god of freedom, ale, wine, and bravery is a favorite among adventurers, in part because Cayden Cailean was once one himself. The hired sword doesn’t remember how he passed the tests of the Starstone in a drunken haze and continues in godhood much the same way he lived as a mortal.

His church is without a formal hierarchy, and his priests often have skills related to the production of ale or wine. His prayers are usually in the form of toasts, even the morning prayer. His temples are normally functioning pubs with a shrine to him over the bar.

Although he’ll celebrate most anything, his main holidays are:

  • First Brewing: A small amount of the first harvest is set aside to ferment.
  • The Ascension: Celebrating Cayden’s deification, this is held on the first of the year.

His holy book is the Placard of Wisdom, containing nothing more than a few aphorisms of his philosophy, varying from church to church and even priest to priest.

The church sponsors many orphanages, and children who grow up in them sometimes take the family name Cailean.

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Cayden Cailean

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