Candlemere, as it exists today, was founded in Arodus, 4714, with the construction of Shadow Tower. Since then the town has developed both progressively and historically. The city is slowly developing a reputation as a place of magic and learning. At the same time, revelations of eldritch horrors that once called the island home have given the town an ominous reputation.

LN Small Town

Modifiers: Corruption +1, Crime -1, Law +1, Lore +4, Productivity 0, Society +2
Qualities: Eldritch, Well-educated
Danger: +13
Population: 3,500
Base Value: 4,500gp
Purchase Limit: 5,000gp
Spellcasting: 4th (6th for divination and necromancy)


The Candlemere Academy – Schools of Wizardry are rare, and the Candlemere Academy has become one of the more prominent ones in Northeastern Avistan. Headmaster Kifu is also the realm’s Magister and oversees much of the magical instruction; however, most arcane magical traditions are taught on the grounds.
House of the All-Seeing Eye – This temple to Nethys has become a focal point for worshippers of the god of magic.
Shadow Tower – Built by and for Daargan, the realm’s previous Magister, the tower sits atop ruins of a temple to a strange arcane god of long ago. Even with the ominous history and magical disposition, the site has become an odd pilgrimage destination for worshippers of Erastil and Iomedae, due to stories of a miracle that happened some years ago.
Hokus & Pokus – The irreverent name should not fool you. Mungo Hattier’s Arcane Shop gets first crack at many of the magical wonders produced by the Academy, which makes their stock some of the deepest in the area.

Townsfolk – Candlemere

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