LN Small Town
Modifiers: Corruption +1, Crime 0, Law +1, Lore +4, Productivity 0, Society +2
Qualities: Eldritch, Well-educated
Danger: +13
Population: 1,750
Base Value: 1,500gp
Purchase Limit: 5,000gp
Spellcasting: 4th (6th for divination and necromancy)
Notable Personages: (Also see Townsfolk – Candlemere)
Candlemere, as the center of magical learning in Ursundova, is the home of the Lord Magsiter, Kifu of Nex. His predecessor, Kyros Askar also makes his home there when he is not representing Candlemere in the Ducal Council.

Notable Locations:
Zephyr Stables – One of the first stops past the Candlelight Bridge is Zephyr Stables, home to fine quality horses. The stablemaster has been agitating for some Horseshoes of Speed for his mounts, but too many wizards in town already know summoning magics.

The Magician’s Rest – The town inn is where one finds many of the older spellcasters in the afternoon and evening. The amount of magical knowledge and lore being exchanged is truly astounding, if one can stay awake long enough to digest it.

The Joyous Nymph – This tavern is the stomping grounds of the younger spellcasters, including Kifu’s growing body of students (who are of age, at least). While there is some academic discussion, the talk tends closer to the political and the personal: who’s screwing who on the state and individual levels.

Threshold Tower – Some residents maintain that this magician’s tower draws its forbidding aura from its former master, Daargan Vul. Those who have been inside correct them – the tower is built on a ruin that was formerly consecrated to the Great Old One, Yog-Sototh. The current Lord Magister assigns punishment duty as repetitive castings of acid splash to winnow away the sanity-blasting scripts on the lower walls. The tower presently serves as Kifu’s residence and schoolhouse. Additionally, he maintains a dinner society of the more potent spellcasters, though what they discuss is not widely known.

The Scholomance – The graceful dark spires of Candlemere’s magical academy are almost complete. Several of the student groups in town are already holding practice sessions within its grounds, safety be damned. Several of the senior arcane spellcasters in the area have already been named as Solomonari, the term for instructor, with Kifu reserving the title of Solomonar Primus for himself.


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