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This capricious goddess is the most revered in the elven pantheon, although the elves are far from being her only worshipers. The Unquenchable Fire is the patron of trickery, lust, and revenge. Although some worship her as a trickster, she considers herself above pranking. There is a difference between true guile and a gnome’s practical jokes.

Love is a weakness, loyalty is mercurial, and regret is pointless.

Church hierarchy is loose and tends to internal factions. Therefore, churches tend to be focused on local affairs and there is little in the way of organization higher than the town or city level. Temples are sometimes converted from private homes left to the church in wills or donated by the faithful.

Due to the church’s association with sex (many are the salacious rumors about the rites of the faithful), her churches are a place to ask for advice on contraception or leave unwanted infants. They are also where frustrated souls go looking for relief; Many temples have prostitution on the premises.

Her holy days vary from place to place,revering local legendary rivalries and conquests or seeking revenge for local wrongs. There is but one church-wide holy day:

  • The Ritual of the Whip Sting: A day of public vengeance carried out on behalf of the “winner” when a dispute is settled by priests of the Savored Sting. The retribution is always humiliating and often painful, but rarely deadly.

Her holy book is The Book of Joy. It has advice on how to take revenge and how to manipulate people, but is probably best known outside the church for its illustrated sexual positions. Some church members take advantage of this, selling “penny bibles” containing only the most lurid bits of the text. Not only do they pocket a few coins, but there is always the chance that they will draw in curious new members.

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