The Casmaron Republic

Founded on the 27th of Desnus in the year 4715, The Casmaron Republic lays claim to much of the territory of the Nomen Heights, from the South Rostland Road to the Tors of Levinies. Its legitimate authority is, however, fairly limited, covering only about half that space.


  • Consul – Marc Gurney
  • Consul – Miriam Kolescu
  • Counselor – Orane Coult
  • General – Gaeren Stormcrow
  • Grand Diplomat – Ellad Vonthal
  • High Priest – Aldin Chernov
  • Magister – Gani Lawal
  • Marshal – Xamanthe
  • Master of Whispers – Jessima Wickerblue
  • Royal Enforcer – Galina Maximova
  • Treasurer – Tomin Hanvaki
  • Warden – Kesten Garess

The Casmaron Republic was formed following the restoration of the town of Varnhold, whose population had been kidnapped by the undead tyrant, Vordakai. The town was declared a vassal of the Duchy of Ursundova and began to expand into the larger Nomen Heights region.

The nation makes uses of several titles from antiquity, both in reference to the Republic’s name (a reference to the ancient Casmaron Empire, as well as the continent it was founded on) and in several of their official titles. They have been encouraged in this by Ervel Pendrod, local resident and famous historian.
The principal governing body of the Casmaron Republic is the Senate. The Senate is comprised of a representative from each riding in the Republic, as well as the officers of state. The Senators are elected for life, but may be recalled by their constituencies (or by the Senate itself in the case of the officers of state).

The Senators appoint two of their number to act as Consuls for one-year, non-consecutive terms. The Consuls act as the executive for the government. The other officers of state oversee their various bureaucracies at the Consuls’ (and, therefore, the Senate’s) direction.

The Republican Guard
The Republic combines law enforcement and military forces into a single force, called the Republican Guard. The Guard is overseen by three officers of state, referred to as “The Triumvirate.” The Warden oversees the Exploratory Cohort, who keeps watch over rural areas and is responsible for maintaining contact with the farms, as well as the country’s neighbors, the Nomen Centaurs. The Marshal is responsible for the Urban Cohorts, who act as a police force and municipal defense. The General is responsible for overall national security strategy. The three coordinate forces and share information regularly.

The Casmaron Republic

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