Session Quotes

“Beware, ye goats!” – Dyimi

“For the Swordlords and my future head cheese!” – Dyimi, charging Tuskgutter

“Can you feed it to me? I’m kinda doing a thing here.” – Lem, mackin’ on Katya in his own special way

“My dad always told me, if someone is trying to be unpleasant, the least you can do is help them.” – Lem

“I can smite the smurfs!” – Bookkeeper

“Stop staring daggers & start staring feathers.” – Dyimi, keeping the peace

Sasha: There’s no honor in shooting an enemy in the back.
Lem: I’m not sure there’s much honor in killing mites anyway.

“If I had a mustache, rest assured I would be twirling it… at you.” – Dyimi, being imposing

“It just so happens that while we were killing Sneeg by accident, we were killing the Stag Lord on purpose.” – Lem, explaining the situation to Kesten

GM: Katya?
Katya: I don’t know! It’s trying to rape my brother!

Lem: Does it involve vampirism?
Variel: No.
Lem: Then go for it.
Olothontor: That’s your only condition?!

“That’s why she’s snoodling Nyarlathotep!” – Olothontor

“I’m sawing off his head, which should do some damage.” – Rawht

“I own three catapults. Fuck yeah.” – Olothontor

Leilania declines to go out drinking with Ulgar because she’s traumatized after he executes a cultist with a hammer.
Olothontor: That’s why she went for s drink.
Myobia: Not with the person who messied the brains.

Bookkeeper: Undead fat man covered in goat hair.
Olothontor: That’s five more fetishes than I have.

“Whoever heard of sweeping barbarians?” – Lem, when told that the ancient stonework floor had been recently cleaned.

Session Quotes

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