The Feint

I watched the defeated Pitaxians disappearing on the horizon and couldn’t get my jaw to unclench. I kept trying to understand what it was that Irovetti was after, but his motivations seemed to slip away like oil on steel. Ratboy said that they’d been lying in wait up here for a couple of months, so the whole shitshow could be excused as Irovetti just not knowing what he was up against. But he’d just gotten a few days to take our measure and, armed with this new knowledge, he did nothing to bolster a crew that was utterly unprepared for the likes of us.

Maybe there was something else here that was more dangerous? But if there was something here that was a danger to us, shouldn’t it have eaten those poor devils? Finnegal keeps throwing out the word “haunted,” which is my fourth least favorite word in the world, but the longer we stay here, the more this feels like a distraction. There are armies to break and wars to win.

And yet…

Cayden fucking Cailean. Every time I hear the name, I think of a black hall a lifetime ago and a cask and whether I should have just left well enough alone and I choke back a curse against every meddling god who ever took it into their divine heads to muck about in the affairs of mortals. Is it so much to want to be the master of my own damn destiny? To know that no one put my boots in any direction but my own will? But thinking about that will get you thinking in loops faster than talking to Leilania.

So he set a trap and we walked into it, but we busted that trap to flinders in under a minute, so I count us still ahead on points. The purpose of a feint is that it leaves your opponent’s defenses wide open so you can give him a good stabbing. Funny thing is – what happens when your opponent doesn’t give a shit if he gets stabbed?

I have had enough of this smug son of a bitch thinking he can get by on nothing but wit and lies. In the end, a big brain with no sand is just a bunch of smoke. All the asymmetric thinking in the world won’t save you from the axe that just keeps coming.

Let the haunts come. Let the armies come. Let House Lebeda and the Swordlords and the whole civilized world come. There is no threat they can throw that will turn me from the one thing I do better than any of those poncy bastards.

I will fight.


I like the backstory ties here! (and the rest too.)

The Feint
kitsuki Bookkeeper

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