Much joy this evening! The day brought our fourth child, another son, into the world. Katya and I have decided to name him Boris Dyimi Lodovka, in honour of family and friends. Both he and Katya are well. Davara’s talents in midwifery were, again, beyond compare. We are truly blessed by Abadar, Erastil, and Pharasma. And the day serves as a reminder of why we strive to ensure the next generation have a safe, just part of the world to grow up in.

The birth of a child marks a good place to take stock of one’s life. I have, more or less, all a reasonable man could wish for. Since the incident at Shrikewatch three or so months ago now, the management of the nation has been, some tension with Casmaron aside, fairly smooth. Long may this stability continue.

Still no word of Gideon, though. That is one thing I do hope will change in the coming seasons.

Now if you will forgive me, journal, I must begin to draft the proclamation of Boris’ birth for tomorrow.


kitsuki Andyr

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