It seems that our hand has been forced. Drelev has begun murdering innocents in order to punish his townpeople for our incursions. It’s been agreed by the party that we must strike now before any others are lost.

I wish I could say that we’ve come to this point by way of any great accomplishments. Leilania and Ray were sent into the town per our plan, wherein they made contact with Satinder and gathered some information on Drelev’s mercenaries. When they returned, we agreed to make a foray beyond the town walls in an attempt to test the fort’s defenses and rally the townspeople.

We went after nightfall, easily eliminating four guards at the unfinished portion of the wall before pushing further inward. There we encountered three hill giants, none of which were able to stand long against our combined assault. At this point it seemed that the city watch were becoming aware of our presence so we quickly fell back to the woods. We assumed that if we waited until the next evening we could easily strike again in much the same fashion.

But when Leilania went to scout the Fort this morning, she discovered several townsfolk strung up near the fortress gate. It was clear then that Drelev would continue punishing his people until we were found, regardless of the fact that they had no connection with us. This means that we must attack again quickly, and at Drelev himself. Any other course of action will doubtlessly lead to more bodies on display.

We are fortunate that Satinder was able to direct us to the secret passage into the castle. Our plan is to approach via the passage during the day, while the majority of the mercenaries are out in the city enforcing their master’s law. If we can slay the hill giants in their barracks, then we can perhaps move up through the fortress and take Drelev himself unawares. I’m sure it won’t be an easy fight, but it’s the only shot we’ve got at resolving this matter with a single stroke.

I’m not happy with this plan. It’s clear now that Drelev is more than a villain, he is a monster. Were we able to approach this situation tactically, it would be easy to bleed down his forces one by one over the period of a few weeks. But in so doing we would give Drelev license to murder scores more of his own people. By taking the coward’s way he has forced us to respond with heroism. All the party wants to see him thrown down. Everyone is ready for a fight.

But if I learned one thing from my time at the Worldwound, it’s that heroes make better martyrs than soldiers. Clearly we can’t let Drelev continue his tyrannical ways…but I fear we will pay dearly to keep him from them.

Our hand has been forced, it’s time to pay what’s due. We’ll see now how the cards fall on the table. Hopefully Cayden will not have forgotten me.


kitsuki Rawht

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