Today the moon calls to me from a thin sliver nearly lost against the monochrome tranquility of a peaceful summer sky. I hear her more than I feel her as she whispers a melody carried on a sweet western breeze. She tells me to enjoy today, for tomorrow will be a day of challenge and choices.

I have been given this day to do with as I please as my companions go off to court the Houses in Exile in Mivon and continue with the preparations for defense of the Kingdom. I considered going to Tatzlford to gather news from my Way Watchers, but I know by the time I arrived at the garrison it would already be time to return. Besides, at this point my watchers know their missions, and most are far afield, patrolling the border with a wary eye turned outward. When the battle comes, I trust they will know what to do.

So that left me with leisure time sufficient to return to the Greenbelt but not much more. I sought out a fey enclave, only to be informed that an elf matching Iliphar’s description had been seen wandering in the woods. I found him in a glade beyond a copse of ash trees, looking as handsome and radiant as when I first laid eyes on him. We did not waste much time talking, which I think was fine by both of us. My only regret is that I had so few hours to dedicate to him.

I’m returning now to Tuskendale bouncing on Nibbs’s back, dreading the conversations and consternation that will come. It’s become clear that our next step must be a direct attack on Irovetti himself. It’s the only way to recover the sword Briar and to rescue Avenda’s shawl. My friends also believe that a strike against Irovetti may keep us from war, but I am less sure. Every action we have taken to this point has taken us closer to war, not further from it. Sometimes I think humans go out of their way to find excuses to fight with one another. The only time they pray for peace is when they’re put on the wrong end of the spear.

I hope I have taught my Way Watchers better. I hope they take their code to heart and put the well-being of the lowest soul as their highest priority. I know Ursundova will need their arms if it comes to war, but it will be a waste of good men and women to have them die on harried battlefields. Any fool can fight…it takes a hero to care.

With luck, when I return Kaydee will have made something out of the blessed water I brought from Avenda’s well. If not, I will have to pass my time with the herb Iliphar had for me as a gift. One way or another, I intend to relax tonight. I will thank the moon for one more chance to celebrate something other than bloodshed.

Now, I thank the moon for her blessing and sing a soothing song to Nibbs. Bless his heart, Nibbs tries to return the melody. He is such a wonderful goof sometimes. I love him so much.

I pray upwards to the moon and ask her a simple impossibility. I ask that love conquer hate and faith eclipse fear…at least for one more day. Her reply feels like laughter.


kitsuki Myobia

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