Alas, Poor Rthyin...

Alla stepped through the threshold of the door and stopped, looking up with a blank expression. Ulgar glanced up from a stack of papers and, following her gaze, grinned.

“Like it?” For the first time in recent memory, Alla gave a small smirk.

“It’s fitting. Is it yours?” Ulgar nodded in response, the grin never wavering.

“Brought it back with us after our escapade in Old Kings. A glorious kill.” The dragon’s skull glowered over the conversation from its perch on the wall above the General’s desk. Alla’s gaze finally came down from it to rest on the dwarf, leaning back in his large stone chair. After such a long hiatus, most people would have next asked after the other person’s well being, but instead there was a brief moment of speechless communication. Both acknowledged that the other was fine without saying a word. Ulgar was first to break the silence. "Incorporating that sinkhole into the structure of the town has been quite the project. We’ve already had to move several buildings to make space for the damned thing, and some of the architects are still worried about the supports… " He trailed off as he met Alla’s gaze again, suddenly realizing that he was babbling to fill the blank space. He cleared his throat and leaned forward. “So, erm. What brings you to my office?”

“Just checking in. Back from Casmaron.” She had not moved from the doorway. Ulgar motioned to one of the unassuming wooden seats in front of his desk, but she declined with a shake of her head. Another moment of silence fell. She seemed to be struggling with something, her brow twitching gently in concentration. “It’s- it’s good to see you’re doing well.”

Ulgar cleared his throat again, this time to cover his surprise. “Yes, well.”

“I’ll be going, then.” She turned to leave, still wearing the same blank face.

“Wait.” She looked over her shoulder as Ulgar stood up. “It’s good to see you too.” Alla nodded and shut the door behind her. Ulgar collapsed back into his seat, letting out a sigh that shifted some of his papers. “Ulgar Dragon Slayer, mighty warrior who can slay a hundred beasts… but a single Human woman puts him so on edge that he can’t even speak right.” He muttered to himself as he rifled through the papers in an attempt to get back to business.

It had been a busy few months since the Duke and entourage had fallen into the teleporter beneath Shrikewatch under Ulgar’s care. For several weeks afterwards he had done everything in his power to ensure that none of the blame for this was pinned on him or anyone working on Shrikewatch proper- it would not do to have such a scandal rock the very founding of the town, particularly not after the months of planning that went into the event. In the midst of all of this, he also rushed to declare Old Kings a part of Shrikewatch’s holdings, despite not knowing where precisely it was located. This, in addition to the Council’s request for parties of Dwarves to occupy the Tors and lay the groundwork for mines and quarries, has left the General well occupied.


kitsuki Olothontor

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