Ulgar Ironbeard


Ulgar is often called by his Dwarven kinsmen “pleasantly dour,” in one of the many Dwarven phrases that didn’t quite make it through its translation to common. In the original context, the phrase was a compliment; it meant the Dwarf in question had his heart in the right place, even if his words were not so kind.

Physically, he is stout and well-built- just what most would expect from the Dwarves. His skin is of a ruddy tan complexion, and he carries a beard about him that travels in thick, course braids past his stomach, although this is usually hidden by his massive set of stoneplate armor. Despite his height, he is usually quite easy to locate in a crowd- just follow the shouting and the grinding of stone.


Ulgar was born to a simple Dwarven family. Their business was carpentry- an occupation not in high demand in Janderhoff. Still, the family made their way well enough, living from pay day to pay day. Upon reaching the Dwarven equivalent of teenage years, Ulgar got fed up with what he considered a boring life and signed up for military service, leaving behind his father’s shop in the hopes of grand adventures, fame, and fortune.

Oddly enough, that is more or less what he received. Ulgar spent the better half of a decade on crusade against a greenskin invasion into the Mindspin Mountains, finally dealing a decisive blow to Garrnaz the Red and his horde of united Orcish clansmen. Stories tell of Ulgar besting Garrnaz in combat, and then following his retreat into the Hold of Belkzen with a small band of Dwarves to kill him once and for all. In Janderhoff, Ulgar became a celebrated war hero, and upon his return began enjoying all the benefits of such a position.

Unfortunately for Ulgar, the sweets of his newfound fame held an equal amount of bitterness. Ulgar quickly became tangled in a web of Dwarven nobility. He gained an honorary seat on the Dwarven Council, which entailed long hours of listening to quarrels between noble houses and appeals from the lower classes. Over the next three years, Ulgar’s time on the field with his men grew thinner and thinner, almost to the point where he couldn’t leave Janderhoff at all.

Ulgar’s patience finally snapped. Stuck on the lower rungs of the Dwarven government with no room to maneuver upwards, Ulgar dreamt of leading his own army to glory on the field. With news from the northeast of a very promising Brevoyan charter colony, Ulgar severed all ties, gave up his seat on the Council, and left. Within a month, he had arrived in the newly founded Ursundova, and immediately signed himself up under Dyimi’s banner as a foot soldier.

Ulgar Ironbeard

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