Sir Herodes Lazarou

"The hard impact of military virtues beats meanness out of the world."


A stern-looking man, Sir Herodes is obviously used to a position of authority. While not exactly dour, he does seem to ration his smiles, with his family getting priority distribution. He wears leather armor on most days, although he will strap into elaborate full plate if the occasion warrants it. He moves as though he knows perfectly well how to handle the longsword on his hip.


If asked, the Galtan will say that he came to Ursundova because his children had known nothing but war and he was getting too old to keep them safe in the Eternal Revolution. Although he regrets leaving behind the church and community of his home, he feels he must place his family’s safety above anything else. (His wife Estena will tell you that it was the birth of his daughter that finally made him start thinking about leaving, and reports of a nation led by a chosen of Iomedae that finalized his decision.) To friends, Sir Herodes admits that he worries that he has abrogated his duty and is not now living within the tenets of valor and honor to which his Lady calls her servants.

He served as First Sword of the temple in Litran for twelve years before resigning the position to move his family.

  • Estena (wife)
  • Niketas (son, 14)
  • Theron (son, 11)
  • Basilei (son, 9)
  • Corinna (daughter, 6)

(Picture is by tracyjb on DeviantArt. Quote is from Walter Bagehot.)

Sir Herodes Lazarou

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