Neddar Thistlewhip


Neddar is happy to meet you, your kids, and your dog. He wants to hear your stories and tell you his. With a ready grin and a ready song, he whiles away hours sitting somewhere near wherever his wife is tending bar and serving food. The two almost constantly exchange flirtatious banter and are not at all shy about including others in this, making it clear that friends are often welcome to stay the night with the couple. (Thus far, they have had little luck with the primarily human population of Ursundova. This does not stop them propositioning.)

The gnome’s gregarious nature is likely what led the party to invite him to be their Grand Diplomat. He served in this position for some time, engaging in an ambassadorial trip to Mivon. Upon his return, Neddar began seeking a position that would not take him away from home quite so much. In Sarenith, 4713, the first national elections were held for Ursundova and Neddar stood for Councilor from Tuskendale, winning in a landslide. He charmed his fellow councilors as readily as the capital’s populace and was acclaimed as Prime Minister at the then-Baronial Council’s first meeting. His speeches to the Council are always an event and the nascent politicians among the Ursundovan population fear becoming a target of his wit.

He was among the officers of state that went to investigate the mystery of Varnhold and was witness to the disaster in the Valley of the Dead.

Neddar Thistlewhip

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