Lem Berrybrook

Have Crossbow, Will Travel


Lem is a affable, long-legged human with curly chestnut hair and keen brown eyes. Lem keeps his cheeks clean shaven (despite the heroic efforts of his weed-like whiskers), and dresses in leathers and earthtones, with preference toward browns, tans, and greens. When he expects trouble, he dons an old chainshirt that was given as a gift from his parents when he reached puberty. The chainwork in the armor has rusted to a dim red-brown with age and wear, which suits him well enough while slinking through the forests of Brevoy.

Lem’s primary weapon is a long, heavy crossbow, created and operated through a series of clockwork springs and shuttles that click and grind when the weapon is cocked. He keeps the bolts for the weapon in a quick-access quiver on his right thigh, with the weight of the ammo balanced by a rapier on his other hip. The rapier is slightly bent at the hilt and is hindered by many nicks and scratches along the blade, but works well enough for the purposes that Lem puts it to (mostly clearing brush).

Lem is always quick with a complement and a smile, even for those who would treat him unkindly. He is difficult to anger and quick to forgive, though he has been known to act rashly when in the presence of what he perceives as injustice. If he has a weakness, it is for the fairer sex. Lem loves being in a lady’s company, and tends toward an antiquated notion of romantic love that involves constant complements and requires little reciprocation from the object of his affections. It is not uncommon then to find Lem reciting badly-rhymed poetry to anything in a skirt at the end of liquor-fueled revelry, and even less uncommon to find him regretting his actions in the morning.


Lem was raised from an early age by halflings, and so so has picked up many of the habits and mannerisms of his adopted people. As such, he always has a story to tell, a piece of advice to give, or a suggestion as to his friend’s next meal. He loves good ale and good tobacco, though he seldom can afford such luxuries. Since leaving his parents, he has been constantly on the move, trading furs and rare herbs for food and lodging. Lem has found that he has no mind for business, and can plan ahead only as far as his next meal. To this point he has found the life of an adventure hard and disappointing, but he has not given up hope. If his parents taught him anything, it was to keep his chin up, keep a positive attitude, and keep moving forward.

Lem Berrybrook

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