Katya Lodovka

An Arrow of Erastil Launched into the World


Katya is a young, bright, friendly girl, raised from unlikely odds to become a cleric of Erastil. At the age of eighteen, she is a beautiful example of young womanhood, with gentle curves to her form and effortless grace to her movements. Her eyes are a bright shade of green, and can tell much about her mood—when she wishes them to. Her hair is a long, copper mane, which she wears in a thick braid down to the small of her back. She wears hide armor beneath forest green robes, in a style that accentuates her figure without hampering her movement. She carries a Morningstar in a loop on her belt, and wears a longbow across her back. And though she is stern and serious when she needs to be, for most she is warm, welcoming, and kind. Her radiant smile can melt even the hardest of hearts.

Under her father’s guidance, Katya has learned all she knows about the world—or at least, all she thinks she needs to know. She is usually quick to make decisions and confident in her righteousness, though she sees no stirring need to correct others to her way of thinking when they choose otherwise. Katya does not start fights or engage in debate, she instead waits with her opinions until the time is right to unload her feelings to those she trusts. And while she is guarded with those who have not yet earned her confidence, for those she considers family there are no limits. She is loyal to a fault for those that have shown loyalty to her, and is unlikely to forgive those that have spurned her. Katya strives always to be what Erastil and her parents would want her to be, and in so doing, leave her mark on the world.


Katya never knew her biological parents, for her their faces are only fragments of memories lost in her deep subconscious. She was raised instead by the wilds, scavenging food and clothing from good Samaritans while wandering aimlessly at the edges of civilization. For years she was content to beg for handouts and steal when necessary, knowing nothing but hunger, dirt, and the passing of one day to the next.

When she was ten she stumbled upon the Rastilov family. After the gift of a meal, and the promise of a bed to sleep in, she was bathed by mother Rastilov in a wash basin. It was then that Mother Rastilov discovered a peculiar birthmark in the hollow between Katya’s shoulder blades—a birthmark that showed a bow fitted with nocked arrow. As a cleric of Erastil, father Rastilov knew then that Katya had been brought to him by the will of divine providence. He took the girl under his wing, adopted her into his family, and began to share with her the ways of Old Deadeye.

Under the Rastilov’s care, Katya found a new way to live—a way of tradition, morality, and inner serenity. Father Rastilov taught her the wisdom and the magic of Erastil, and mother Rastilov taught her how to raise a family, care for a home, and prepare for the next generation. Her new life was a paradise compared to the one she had left, and with time she came to love and trust her adopted parents in a way she had never thought possible.

There was some tragedy when Katya lost her older brother, but she accepted his replacement without question on the request of her parents. She grew to love ‘new Sasha’ as much as ‘old Sasha’, and insisted to her father that she join him when he went out into the world to test his mettle. Katya now journeys into the wider world to share what she has learned and protect her dear brother (and find him a wife along the way). Armed with her parent’s wisdom and her own blossoming magic, she intends to share Erastil’s gift with a world that sorely needs it.

After she lost “new Sasha” to the wilds of the Greenbelt, Katarina questioned her place in the world for some time. But when Jacek Lodovka proposed to her, things seemed to click into place again. She now rules Ursundova by his side as Duchess. The couple welcomed a son into the world—Boris Jacekavich Lodovka—in Gozren 4713.

Katya Lodovka

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