Jacek Lodovka


Jacek came to Ursundova as a bodyguard to Severina Kazmarek. He comes from Winterbreak, but is quick to point out that his first loyalty is to Abadar, not to his family.

He is courteous and somewhat formal, the latter quite noticeable in the generally relaxed social atmosphere that seems to be prevailing in Ursundova so far.

At the end of Gozren, 4712, The newly-installed Baron raised up Jacek to become the new Warden of Tuskendale. Severina subsequently released him from her service. In the chaos of the Troll Incident, Jacek married Katarina Rastilov and was invested as the new Baron of Ursundova in Lamashan of that year. Since that time, he has presided over a period of relative peace and prosperity, including overseeing the declaration of the nation as a Duchy at the beginning of 4714.

Jacek Lodovka

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