Gaeren Stormcrow

Sobriety, Good Judgment, Hesitancy - He exhibits none of these


Gaeren Stormcrow is lanky – over six feet tall and clearly well under 200 pounds. With his shirt sleeves rolled up, his whipcord arms reveal an odd musculature: he has double tendons in his arms, allowing him to perform various stunts, such as crush an apple in one hand. Since being appointed general of the Casmaron army, he has adopted a uniform of sorts: he regularly wears his armor now, along with an blue officer’s greatcoat in Taldane style, cut to fit with the armor and tied off with a long red sash. His black scabbard is the same one that came with him from Magnimar.

Most of the time, Gaeren is very easygoing, though he is usually fortified with some manner of alcohol long before sundown. While he is content to dodge some discussions of politics or religion, he reacts quickly and forcefully if he perceives that someone is attempting to push around someone else. Since arriving in Ursundova, he has become progressively more outspoken about his political and personal beliefs. Those who have tried to push him have found that his sword, its blade as black as its scabbard, is not for show.


Gaeren Stormcrow arrived in Ursundova in Pharast 4714 following a long trek from the Varisian city of Magnimar. For the first several years of his residence, he made his way as an itinerant adventurer, drawing a few folk in as like-minded souls and taking on Tangsen Billowbreeze, local ne’er-do-well, as his partner in shenanigans.

With the establishment of a new Republic to Ursundova’s Southeast, Gaeren took on a position as the nation’s new military commander, despite having no military experience himself. Given the small size and population of the area, he has taken to acting principally as an army of one, although his band of followers has begun to grow in number, with several taking up duties in the rough-hewn wooden garrison of Varnhold.

After the completion of Varnhold’s city walls, Gaeren left control of the local Garrison to Kesten Garess, the Warden. He has moved the Republic’s military headquarters to the new fort atop Talon Peak (which has been nicknamed “The Crow’s Nest” over Gaeren’s strong objections). He still appears in Varnhold on almost a weekly basis, but has also begun appearing in the Republic’s new trade town of Silverstep, as well as periodic trips back to Tuskendale.

Gaeren perished in combat with otherworldly creatures in the reputed tomb of Armag.

Gaeren Stormcrow

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