Jacek strode the exterior walls of his castle, half-watching as some of his infantry practiced their drills in the grounds below. Beast knew that when he came to this part of the castle the King preferred solitude, to collect his thoughts. So he leaned against a wall, one eye on his charge, the other on the drilling troops, trying not to scowl when they marched ever so slightly out of step.

Jacek pondered on the sad fact that these new recruits may well soon see combat. Are they ready? Are any of us ever, truly, ready? Well, he thought, at least this time Ursundova’s foes aren’t supernatural.

He paused, thinking a little longer. That we know of.

He stood, hands resting on the parapet. What is the course? Follow the teachings of Abadar. A nation is like a city is like a building. Build on good foundations. Build in the right environment, with good material.

Who are against us? Pitax, Brevoy, giants, mercenaries, barbarians

Brevoy are not foes. We have friends there. We can, maybe, halt the faction who wish us harm.

The giants are a blight. They should be removed from the land regardless. We can, perhaps, remove their leadership to end or stall the threat.

The mercenaries, the barbarians. Who knows? We must learn more. Their ultimate loyalty, however, is not likely to be to Irovetti or against us. So there is hope they too may be turned or stalled.

Pitax… the people are not our foes, but Irovetti and his inner circle are. As the house, so the nation. Pitax is a house built on poor foundations. We must firm them up. Remove Irovetti, if he proves to follow through on his evil ambitions, and rebuild on solid ground. The people will prosper; the region will be stable; the land will prosper. Mivon may help us in this. The Builder’s will be done.

Jacek turned and motioned to the Beast to join him, walking back towards the castle. “Come. There are plans to craft.”


kitsuki Andyr

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