Homilies of the Dawnflower III

Good Morning!

By now, I am certain that you have all heard about the incident with the worshippers of Gyronna. I believe that, all things considered, it is probably the best decision that could have been made. In any endeavor with people of varying points of view, striking a compromise that does not, in turn, compromise your own point of view is a hard matter. It is important for all of us to question our hearts at those moments and see the difference between what is important and what is vital. Please remember those girls in your prayers this morning as they head towards a new life and the chance that we all seek from time to time – to begin again.

Today I want to talk to you about making things. There is a tale of a sculptor who made the most magnificent marble carvings of men, women, angels, and all manner of wondrous things. When he was asked how he went about it, he said, “I begin with a block of marble and I carve away everything that is not the image in my mind.” When we set upon a course to make anything: a meal, a home, or even a nation, it behooves us to take time to conceptualize what we want it to look like when we are done. My companions and I, in further exploring the lands near Tuskendale, encountered a drake and a tribe of lizardmen. The drake we slew, for it preyed upon its neighbors and was a danger, both to us and to any who came within its realm. The lizardmen, in contrast, are strange but are not a threat to us. We decided that our conception of what our home would look like would include the concept of “live and let live” – that lizardmen, fey, and even kobolds could be a part of that vision so long as they too would adhere to that concept. While we don’t make decisions, Dawnflower be praised, on a daily basis about slaying monsters, we are all like that sculptor, chipping and filing away the parts of our lives that are not in accord with our vision. A clear vision keeps us from chipping and filing until all we have left is dust.

So, today I want you to take some time to consider where your life is and where you want it to go. Are you doing the work you want to do? Are you saying the things you think ought to be said? Are there people around you that are not a part of your life that could be, or should be…

Think on these things. Pray on these things. As always, talk to your neighbors and feel free to talk to me. May the Dawnflower bless you and keep you. Let us greet the morning in song.


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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