Sorrow in Verse

Neddar puts down his thoughts

No one can later be certain when precisely Neddar wrote these words, but the Sonnet and Haiku for his friends would not be forgotten.

Wander widely among the tors and graves
A grave mission and many a life to save
We found the stone a’squat upon the lake
Cross o’er the glass a’dancing with the drake

Within the hall the long-forgotten dead
Did bid us join them and our blood was shed
By fearsome axe from one-eyed nemeses
Blade, Bow, and Beak were raised against all these

Foes and more that blocked our darkened way forth
Not hostages but sacrifices poured
Out on a mad banquet table most grim
Our shining light upon that table dimm’d

A Sonnet is best penned for lighter verse
Our curse’s sorrows my words made the worse

A temple to power
Brought low by an oncoming gale
I did like his teeth


Haiku nearly made me cry. :)

Sorrow in Verse
kitsuki Bookkeeper

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