Sasha's Requiem

Katya Says Good-Bye

Today we gather to mourn the loss of our Baron, Aleksandr Rastilov. He was a man of great courage and vision, and none of us would be here without him. Aleksandr was lost as he would have wished—defending this realm and its people. He died bringing order to chaos, and light into the dark.

Many of you may know him by his service as our Baron, but I knew him first as Sasha—my brother—and my oldest friend. He protected me as a child and he watched me when our parents were away. He comforted me when I had doubts and suffered me when I was disagreeable. He was kind, and wise, and always patient. Even at his worst, he was the more than I could have ever asked for.

As Sasha revealed on Founder’s Day, my brother was born another person. Through trial and hardship, he lost his family, his house, and even his name. He could have easily given in to despair and lost himself to rage or emptiness. But Sasha was meant for something else. He was given purpose through the touch of Iomedae, and was gifted with a sword that reflected the sterling temper of his new heart. On the day of his rebirth, he first saved my life, and then the lives of my parents. We were but the first of many that would follow.

Sasha and I came to these lands together to make them safe for a new nation. There was no reward in it for Sasha save for the chance to do what was right. The burden he undertook here was one of his choice. Many times beside him I have felt afraid, unsure, confused, or lost. Sasha never felt these doubts. Sasha always knew what had to be done.

Sasha was always a skilled warrior, but what was greater was his service to valor. Sasha could not turn from injustice, even in the face of insurmountable odds. When facing the Staglord and his bandits, Sasha fought to the brink of death to save us from a monster’s wrath. When exploring southward, he chose to confront an foul-tempered giant rather than let the brute terrorize others. In every case where the choice was to stand or flee, Sasha chose to stand. And following his valor, we found victory together.

But, as any who knew him could attest, Sasha’s greatest gift was not his sword, but the power of his words. I saw his truth turn brigands and bandits from their crimes, I saw his reason change enemies to allies. The constitution that will hold us together was drafted by Sasha’s pen. I believe Ursandova’s success will be his greatest legacy.

I will miss my brother…and I know I will not be alone in it. There will never be another man like him. I ask Erastil that he rest forever in this place that he has built, and ask Iomedae to let his spirit guide us through the struggles to come. May the gods let his sacrifice serve as the foundation of Ursandova’s eternity.

Please join me in a moment of silence for our fallen Baron.

Brother, I will see you in again in the next world.


kitsuki kitsuki

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