Homilies of the Dawnflower IV

Good Morning!

Well, spring has sprung and, with it, the city of Tuskendale grows like a fine tree – sturdy and strong, granting shelter to those beneath her arms. To be certain, the winter did not pass quietly – if it was not frost, it was owlbears; if it was not owlbears, it was the lake freezing over; if it wasn’t the lake freezing over, it was Ronald Bartleby having a row with the kobolds. Yet here we are: a few new scars and a few hard-won lessons to show for it. Please take a moment today to give thanks for the many blessings in your life, not the least of which is to welcome the rebirth of the world back into your lives.

Spring calls to mind one of the oldest of our stories of the Dawnflower. When Golarion was first formed by forces beyond our ken, Asmodeus, Lord of Lies, threw a shroud of impenetrable and perpetual darkness over the world. There in the darkness, the first men of the world turned to evil, assured by the Lord of Hell that their wickedness would go unseen. It was Sarenrae, the Dawnflower, who brought a flaming scimitar that smote the fiends who coaxed men to evil and illumined men to expose their maliciousness. The first men of the world were shocked to see the wickedness that had taken hold in their souls and they turned to this angel of righteousness for forgiveness. Sarenrae’s cleansing fire was ever matched by her mercy and she forgave those men and the evil was purged from their souls.

The oldest and most ironclad of all of Sarenrae’s promises is this – redemption is there for anyone who seeks it with a true and open heart. It matters not what you have done or how far you may have fallen. The Dawnflower forgives and restores. I know many of us curl up in the darkness during the long winter and, more than a few times, the cold and bleak months can give rise to uncharitable thoughts and unreasoning anger. If you have burdens on your heart today, be they from this winter or from years long past, lift them up to Sarenrae and be healed. No one must walk in darkness for The Dawn Always Brings New Light.

Let us greet the morning in song.


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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