Quarter Moon Over Fire

Leilania Enjoys Victory among the Nomen

Tonight the moon is smiling as she passes above the plains of the Nomen. She looks down on a night of celebration after a battle hard won. The Nomen princess has returned and Vordekai is destroyed. The sounds of centaur drums fill the air and shake the earth beneath. The flames of their bonfires reach up to touch the stars and cradle the crescent moon.

The Nomen are a wonderful people. They are strong and proud, but also wise and spiritual. They see the world without judging it. Their shaman follow the old ways, seeking guidance from the sun, the earth, and the moon. There is no selfishness here, no mortal ambition or fickle human loyalties. The Nomen have lived here since the winds first blew and will be here when they become still again. When I return to Ursundova I’ll do my best to bring their teachings to the watchers.

There is still work to be done to earn the Nomen’s trust, for they have long been misunderstood and maligned as worthless by the human world. Things worsened under Maegar Varn’s leadership when the people of Varnhold chose a path of expansion and selfishness that inevitably led them into conflict. The people of Varnhold committed atrocities that can not be forgiven, even given the trauma inflicted upon them by Vordekai and his minions. I will press to see justice done for those who chose to skin and tan centaur pelts into horrific trophies. In order for Varnhold to be rebuilt, the old evils must be swept away…all of them.

Yet despite the death and pain of the last month, I can’t help but be optimistic about our future. Varnhold will be restored, hopefully this time under the rulership of someone worthy of the mantle. Urusundova will be free again from the shadow of menace. And I will be able to return to Tatzlford to spend time and find comfort with my friends. Summer is returning and the world is coming alive. I can’t wait to return to the Narlmarches to dance among the fey.

In the distance the drums of the Nomen are speeding, I hear their voices rise again. Tonight I will dance with them until my legs collapse beneath me. And when they do I will sleep under a smiling moon singing among the great sea of stars. Joy is an emotion too little enjoyed. Tonight I will be drunk with it.


kitsuki Myobia

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