Pleasure in the Little Things

Stuff to Remember: The Memoires of Dyimi Vlastokovich

Chapter 1: Pleasure in the Little Things

(Written in a deliberately sprawling, flowery script, with occasional comments messily scrawled near the binding and in the margins)

      Here begins the recounting of the life of Dyimi (as it happens, with commentary!), who soforth solemnly swears towards honesty. If someone were to find this after my death (who dies, anyway? Honestly, people these days), rest assured that it contains the whole truth (might forget some details, but probably nothing important).

      Today there were a great many things to be seen, from trees that spit mud (I mention it first because it's my favorite), to toads intent on swallowing the unwary traveler (and lemme tell ya, they were pretty neat), to corrupted temples tucked away in the wilderness (both a horrible and wonderful moment for Katya).

      We began our second exploration trip with high hopes for the road and packs full of rations (with space to spare for trinkets in mine!). Some of our very first encounters were with these nebulous fey creatures; while not terribly sociable, we always knew they were there by the trail of tricks they left in their wake (Nobody tell poor Sasha this, but the whole "honey in the sheath" thing was quite amusing, as well as the raincloud trick… definitely want that one under my belt!). We attempted to ply them with treasures and lull them out into view for parlay (Haha!), but to no avail. This is most likely not the last we have seen of them.

      Our next encounter was one of a far more deadly nature. Our merry band of four was caught off-guard by a pack (flock? Herd? School?) of giant frogs by one of the many tributaries of the nearby river. Suddenly surrounded, all four of us, back-to-back, knee-deep in cool water, fended them off valiantly. Sasha dealt many a swift and merciless blow (poor, poor Sasha… ), and I myself dealt some justice to these natural ruffians (Bwahahaha!).

      After removing ourselves from the battle and licking some minor wounds we continued onward, hoping to find the hidden Temple to Erastil we had heard rumor of back at Fort Oleg (I'm sure he'll be pleased with the Trading Post's new name… and it WILL get christened as such). We did indeed find it, tucked away in a majestic little clearing. The scene, however, was not as expected. Horrid, wilting plant life had absconded with all of the temple's former beauty (that dirty plant life! How awful!), leaving a hollow, empty, and dare-I-say mildly unsettling place. It turns out the corruption was due to a fiendish bear of some sort that had taken up residence in the temple. After some fighting with the beast, Katya (bless her heart) was dealt a vision. After gently laying the beast to rest (bless his heart, haha) and uttering a prayer of forgiveness, the temple seemed to lighten and blossom. The plant life (withered some more and) shrank back to the ground, and the temple stood again, with its statue of Erastil gleaming in the midday sun.


To be continued…


kitsuki Bookkeeper

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